How To Generate Traffic To Your Blog Free

How To Generate Traffic To Your Blog FreeHow to generate traffic to your blog? If you did a Google search for that very question there would be a little more than 15 million results. If you go down the page, click on the links, open them in a new window and start to reach each you’ve find some very good advice.

They’ll talk about tools they use to generate traffic to your blog, they’ll talk about where to buy traffic, software that’s guaranteed to get traffic, and a lot will talk about other sites where they advertise – social media, classifieds, solo ads… maybe even point you to a fiverr deal.

But here’s the problem…

No One Will Show You A Strategy Teaching You How To Generate Traffic To Your Blog

If you’re a blog owner like me, maintaining traffic and interest is one of the highest priorities in marketing, and while everyone out there seems to have good suggestions, no one will actually say do this, or do that… here THIS is how you generate traffic to your blog and lay out a plan.

I guess it’s all a big secret…

I used to scour the web searching for “the secret” to traffic and it was frustrating and how much JUNK there is floating around that get ranked. What used to frustrate me a lot was after a couple hours of reading through the garbage I’d find one piece of good information then I’d have to jump through hoops to actually get it.

And the most frustrating is that if someone would have just shown me? Just put a plan in front of me, then I know I would have been able to generate traffic, build my list, sell my products and do everything else that blogging should have done for me, instead of wasting so much time trying to get it to work for me.

Well never again!

I’m Breaking The Rules – I’m Going To SHOW You How To Generate Traffic To Your Blog Free

Yes, FREE. Why free? To be honest, I do it because I know what it’s like to be frustrated and want to give up and call it quits, except for this desire inside me to do better, and a sinking feeling that I deserve better and want more.

Well as a blog owner and someone who makes a living as a blogger this has been the key to my success and I’m going to lay out one of the most effective and basic strategies to get traffic.

Are you ready?

STEP 1: After you post a blog, you have to ping it. I won’t explain what it is, just do it. It let’s the world know your blog exists. Go here, fill out the information for your post and click “Send Pings” and you’re good to go.

STEP 2: Go Social. If you don’t have a Facebook profile, a LinkedIn profile, and a twitter account – stop what you’re doing and go make one now, and make sure when you fill out your job and your bio information, put a link back to your blog.

But even more than that, you want to post your status updates on these sites. But to generate traffic to your blog with this method requires one other step. You have to grow those social networks with targeted connections and followers who are interested in what you’re doing.

STEP 3: Now I wouldn’t leave you with a hanger like you “need to grow” your network and not tell you how to do it. Fact of the matter is, you can generate 400 to 500 leads a week using just one of those sites.

This strategy will show you how to do just that on Facebook…

But before I give you the link, there’s actually a fourth step on how to generate traffic to your blog – USE THE RIGHT BLOG PLATFORM.

No business person would build a McDonald’s in the woods right? You’d never get any traffic that way. You wouldn’t put up a sign or advertise on a site that gets no visitors either. It just doesn’t make any sense.

STEP 4: You have to use a blog platform where there is a lot of traffic already, so you will get through traffic and visits, and after you see the video you’ll know how to generate traffic and know why you chose the very blog platform you’re reading this on.

Click on the link now, and after the video, there won’t be any excuses, because you’ll be driving traffic to your own highly trafficked blog and doing all of the things that you know you deserve.

Click here and learn how to generate traffic to your blog.

How To Generate Traffic To Your Blog Free

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