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…Because Your Opinion Matters

Welcome to the Observational Hazard Weekly: a free forum for ideas, opinions and talk about anything and everything from the most serious of topics, to the silliest, scariest, funniest and everything in between.

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The goal of the Observational Hazard Weekly is to create an environment where anyone can share their opinions in open and friendly discussions on topic they choose.

Burning hot topics, religion, politics, conspiracy theories, law, ancient culture and history, space, comedy and pranks, crazy stories…

As we said… anything you want.

Here, your feedback is welcome. In fact, it’s mandatory because your opinion matters, and we want you to share it as much as you do!

But there are a few rules!

Well, there’s just one actually: Be friendly, courteous and respectful of others, and absolutely no insulting and flaming people.

I want this to be a fun environment to explore and discuss old ideas, introduce new ones, and even get silly.

And you don’t have to worry about admins and moderators shutting of the comments or threads, or heavily moderating what you say, (although if you spam we may edit out bad links).

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