While You’re Waiting… Here’s A Free Marketing Tip

While You're Waiting… Here's A Free Marketing Tip

While You’re Waiting… Here’s A Free Marketing Tip

I’m going to share a Proven Strategy to literally DIRECT TRAFFIC from bulk mailer and click for credit ad sites (like blast4traffic.com) to Boost Your Search Engine Rankings, Build Your Email List, and Get More Sales

CONCEPT: Real Marketers Don’t Just Create Traffic… They DIRECT Traffic.

… and what I mean by that is, as marketers, we’re all taught strategies to create traffic. We learned about classifieds, pay per click, article marketing, blogging, social media and tons of other strategies to create traffic.

But did you know that there is a more efficient way to get traffic without having to do a lot of the work associated with traditional marketing?

Think about it for a minute… think about all of the things that go into a traditional marketing campaign. You have to write multiple ads, and solo ads, and all sorts of ad copy, then you have to create graphics, and split test to find out which one works the best, and you probably have to find a place to host it all, then you have to go out and do the work yourself or outsource it to someone else…

It’s a real pain in the butt… then you have to maintain it all, put up with snotty admins who will flag your stuff, creeps who flame your posts, moderators who take their jobs WAY too seriously and make you jump through hoops to get your content approved… it’s a mess!

Along the way, you’ll probably end up joining one or more of those bulk mailer sites that let’s you send your solo ad to how many million members they have… good idea right?

Not necessarily!

You see, a lot of those sites create their traffic from member-generated clicking. In other words, you have to opt-in to receive mail from other members, click on each ad or link, then view the page for 5 seconds, or 10 seconds or however long it takes for you to receive credit, so you can send out your own bulk mail to all of the members later.

The problem is that almost everyone there is a marketer with their own opportunities and only click ads for credit so they can send out their own ads. There’s no incentive for them to opt in to your list or join your program…

I mean… that’s what you’re doing right now isn’t it?

QUESTION: What if there was a way you take traffic from other sources, and literally DIRECT that traffic to your list, or your opportunity?

Real Marketers Don’t Just Create Traffic… They DIRECT Traffic!

When you have an opportunity that you want to promote, there are three ways you can go about it. You can put in a lot of time and effort to create ads and squeeze pages, post a few places, even message people and do all of the things that we’re taught to do and hope that that people will start to come to your site.

Imagine standing in front of your business shouting to the entire neighborhood or going door to door, hoping to get some attention.)

Secondly, you can go to somewhere there is a lot of traffic and place your marketing in those places (groups, communities, pay per click, banner advertising, etc) so that people who are there will see your marketing.

This isn’t as involved as the first, but imagine putting up billboards and signs next to a busy highway).

The third way is to direct traffic…

Imagine that you’re a traffic cop in the center of a busy highway and all you’re doing is directing traffic to your products and offers.

This is the concept that advanced marketers apply to their business – they leverage the traffic of other sources and direct that traffic to their sites, their products and their opportunities.

It’s one of the main reason’s why top marketers get to work only a couple hours a day and make a lot of money. In many cases, they do the work once and just direct traffic from other sources.

And now that you understand the concept…

It’s Time To Learn The Strategy…

First, you have to understand that everyone who uses these kinds of services are there for one purpose – to get their message out and drive traffic to their sites.

You also know that they will be clicking on ads and links to get credit, so they can send out their own advertising and email later. In fact the majority of members won’t read your email, they’ll just scroll down to the link and click it.

The key here is to understand that for a few seconds, you have their undivided attention.

STEP 1: Instead of creating an ad for your opportunity, you’re going to create an ad for something that they need to get more traffic (that’s what they’re there for in the first place). If you have a strategy or tip that you can freely share that’s the perfect opportunity to do that.

STEP 2: Instead of a link to a squeeze page (also known as a lead capture page), you want to write an article or blog post (just like this one) and link to that… and there are a few reasons, which I’ll explain shortly.

STEP 3: This is where your opportunity is given. Have a call to action at the end of the article to opt in to your list and become a part of your team, or get more information.


The reasons why I like this method is because it sets me apart from everyone else. When everyone else is promoting their squeeze pages and trying to get people into their opportunity, I am the one putting out information that they can consume and apply immediately to their businesses.

This starts the relationship-building process and the reader will be more likely to opt-in or buy from me because of the value I’m providing. A side effect I’ve also noticed is that the more I do it, the more they will look out for my specific emails and ads, and actually read them instead of just scrolling down to the link.

There are three reasons why I suggest linking to a blog.

The first is uniqueness – People on these kinds of networks are so used to seeing squeeze pages and offers that they are basically numb to the majority of them. Linking to your blog tends break the monotony and something different will often times get their attention.

The second is familiarity – Your blog is where people can find out about you, where you can express yourself, and let people learn about who you are. People follow people they like, and if what you’re offering has value to them, they’re going to want to satisfy their curiosity and find out more about you.

The third reason is ranking and traffic – The great thing about these kinds of services is that people actually have to click through and essentially become a visitor by having your page open for a given length of time – This can work in your favor BIG TIME.

One of the biggest challenges you’ll face as a blogger is getting traffic to your blog and getting higher rankings in the search engines. Using this strategy, you will be directing REAL traffic to your blog and it will boost your ranking in the search engines.

The more traffic you get, the higher your ranking, and the more search engine traffic you get passively. It’s good exposure for your blog, and here’s the best part…

It only takes a few minutes a day.

The Mindset of A Marketer

I used to spend several hours a day just doing tasks that really didn’t amount to many results at all so my success factor was very small, and slowly but surely as I learned about these concepts and applied them to my business I started to develop the mindset of a marketer.

Suddenly I wasn’t looking for anyone to give me tips and strategies, I was teaching them as well as creating new strategies, (like this one you’re learning), and getting amazing results.

And you can too… IF you have the engine to drive your education, the right team to help you prosper, and the right leadership to point you in the right direction…

And there’s only one place I’ve found that offers all three – the Empower Network and Team Take Massive Action. We provide the tools, the education, the resources, and we are one of the most successful companies in the Internet marketing space, creating more success stories than any other company in the world.

BIG things are happening and you can be a part of it, and right now, right here, you have a choice to make…

1. You can take this one strategy, apply it to your business and get some results…
2. Or you can lock arms with me and my team, and create the success you deserve in your life and in your business.

So watch the video below, click the button below it and get in! It’s just $25.00 bucks to get started, and what you’ll get will change your business, and your life!

Join Team Take Massive Action

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