Acquiring The Mindset of Success: When Affirmations And Positive Thinking Fails

the mindset of success - how the brain learnsThe mindset of success, as with most disciplines (and it is a discipline), is something a lot of people talk about but no-one really seems to lay out the steps that you must do. We hear about positive thinking, affirmations, listening to motivational material, writing down goals and a lot of things the, on the surface, sounds good but in reality, doesn’t stand up to the test.

Understanding the mindset of success was a struggle for me personally and none of the things I bought ever seemed to make the ends connect in my head. I went to the seminars, I watched the videos, I read the books, I made collages of all the things I want, I had my affirmations and then some, but success always seemed to be something I was working toward and never something that I achieved.

That is until I learned how the brain works – moreover, how the brain learns (And this is important)!

How The Brain Works & How We Learn: Acquiring The Mindset of Success

When I decided that I needed to change my mindset to be successful, one of the most frustrating things me was never knowing what to do after I’d gone through a ton of information. Everyone said, “it’ll just happen.” You’ve heard the same things I’ve heard. “Just meditate on it” “Do it wrong enough, long enough” “think positive” and on and on…

Well? It didn’t work. Sure I felt better from time to time, but it didn’t change my circumstances. I like to say I was an insightful, positive-thinking loser.

Then one day I saw a video about how the brain works, and there was a section about how we learn and it hit me. What if acquiring the mindset of success, was nothing more than getting rid of a bad habit?

Before I go into that, watch this.

After seeing that, I started studying how the brain works and I discovered that how we think and the actions that we take, the decisions we make, and how we view ourselves is essentially a habit. What happens is that as we learn, pathways are created in the brain and the more we use those pathways, the tougher and tougher they become.

So for a person like me, who grew up in a home where money was always scarce and we were always struggling and we were always working harder and harder to make ends meet, I created pathways in my brain that hardened and become tougher well into my adult life.

Everything was a fight or a struggle. Everything dealing with money was something I’d have to work for and attain at some future way down the road, and I had silly ideas in my head about money that essentially negated everything that I wanted to achieve in life and I didn’t even know it.

What I essentially had to do was break a bad habit that I had developed all my life, and the way you break a bad habit is by retraining your brain, and by following steps daily, and what that does is replace the existing pathways with new pathways, or a good habit.

But what are those steps to acquiring a mindset of success?

My Three-Step Program: Acquiring The Mindset of Success

I think everyone here has an idea about how to break bad habits. Our society is filled with rehabilitation programs and anonymous groups and 12-step programs and more that is dedicated to helping people break bad habits and create new ones.

And without going into a big technical rant about auditory learning or multi-sensory learning or brain plasticity or any of the other things that I had to learn, I’ll summarize by saying I had to create my own rehabilitation program which required action.

How I “TRAINED” A Mindset of Success

1. Make a list, not of vague dreams, but of specific things I had to have in life to achieve those dreams.
– the ability to attract and influence others
– build $250,000 a month in income

2. Create absolute certainty, which meant that whenever I doubted or feared or became worried, I saw it as a bad habit I needed to break and I repeated aloud and embodied the state of mind to create new pathways. It meant visualizing my goals as if I already had them, making myself feel the emotions as if I already had them, and repeating aloud my goals as if I already had them, and projecting gratitude for having them, and pride in accomplishment.

3. Evaluate the things that I did every day and only do those things that would get results. All of the additional reading and programming and creating pages and creating graphics and all of the things that didn’t produce a result like traffic or engage people or promote my business to others, I didn’t do during business hours.

One of the people that helped me a lot was the leader of a team I am a part of called Team Take Massive Action. His name is Chris Record and you’ll have the chance to find out more about him and the team in a bit.

The other person that really helped me was Tony Robbins and I want to post a couple videos of his for you to take a look at, and he really teaches you how to take action toward acquiring the mindset of success and teaches the purpose of clarity and certainty in a way that made the most sense to me.

Importance of Certainty in The Mindset of Success

The Actions of The Mindset of Success

There isn’t much more I can say about acquiring the mindset of success except to impress my perspective of poverty and lack being a bad habit that needs to be broken, and just as with any step program, being surrounded by others who inspire you and can be that point of reference and accountability so keep you moving forward and keep you moving towards the goal of creating success in your life as it did with me.

This was probably the MOST effective part of my transformation and where Team Take Massive Action and Chris Record played a part in helping me acquire my mindset of success, and after I did, that’s when I started to see the results of success.

In his own words, “What we’ve done is taken an online world and brought it offline with real relationships, real people; Everything from single moms to different groups, different ethnicities, to different backgrounds and different religions; you name it. Our team is made up of a wide diverse group of people that we absolutely love and care about and making big things happen.

Click here now, and meet the team and the people of Team Take Massive Action. Then join us to see why we are making big things happen, and how you can be a part of it.

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