Winning Blog Tactics For Empower: Story Telling and Truth In Advertising

Winning Blog Tactics For Empower: Story Telling and Truth In AdvertisingTruth In Advertising is a very loose term in today’s marketing environment. We hear about new scams and people getting taken by misleading and deceptive ads almost as much as we hear about crime on the local news.

It’s pervasive in every aspect of our lives. There are commercials on television, ads in the papers and classified sites; even the magazines and articles we read. We even hear about truth in advertising on the groceries and products we buy.

Today’s commercial environment is so geared around getting your attention or trying to persuade you to lean one way or another, that everything isn’t quite as it seems. Even buying off the shelf requires that you read the label, and people are more business savvy and money-smart than ever before.

So as a blogger and marketer, how do you get around the whole truth in advertising issue so you don’t look like a shady car dealer or get branded as a snake oil seller?

Be a story teller…

I know it sounds very odd, but captivating stories, especially true stories not only capture the attention of the person reading or listening, but they remember it, and are likely to share it with others. I know this from experience.

One of my best articles ever is a true story about the first time I’ve ever made money online and my first run-in with a hater who turned that success into my first failure.

Take a moment and read that story here.

Obviously I’ve had some practice at writing so my skills are getting better and better, however I want to leave you with a few very important things that changed how I write and advertise.

First, everyone has a story. You have a story that someone can relate to. If you’ve ever gone through something hard, or difficult, or tough; If you’ve ever been hurt or have felt betrayed; If you have ever had something really great happen to you, or inspire you… if you’ve ever had anything happen in your life that is significant to you, then you have a story to tell.

Secondly, people follow people. On the surface, even I had my “yeah right!” moment, but when I really thought about it, all of those big brand names and companies all have faces to them. There is a reason why hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on spokesmen and women, celebrity endorsements and more.

People follow people, and in the end, if you can’t relate or connect with people, you won’t ever be successful.

My personal approach to story telling is a bit unique, but it helps me keep perspective. In my mind, I am the friend that’s trying to cheer up and inspire another friend who’s down, buy telling them something I went through myself that relates to their current situation.

I’d let that person know I understand how they are feeling, or at the very least can sympathize with them, then I build them up to where they can see a way out. The more real it is and the more you can connect emotionally, truth in advertising will never be a problem and you will find that you will begin to lure people to you.

That’s one of my secrets to selling and recruiting. It take practice and the more you write, the better you get.

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Truth in advertising

truth in advertising

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