Powerful Story of Ronald McNair (Killed on the Challenger Explosion 1986)

Ronald McNair grew up in Lake City, SC and become an astronaut. He was tragically killed on the Challenger mission, which exploded seconds after takeoff on January 28, 1986. What’s notable is how he became an astronaut, especially during a time of segregation and racial turmoil in our country’s history.

Watch the video as his brother shares his story to StoryCorps. And despite the tragedy, there’s a little bit of a happy ending.

1997 Hall Of Fame Inductee

The story of Ronald McNair, space shuttle astronaut and one of the seven crew members who were killed on board the Challenger on January 28, 1986.

He is one of three astronauts inducted into the SC Hall Of Fame, and ETV is producing short documentary videos about every inductee.

Mark Adams wrote, produced, directed and edited this video, and combined this with the videos he made about astronauts Charles Duke and Charles Bolden to produce the 30-minute documentary “SPACE HEROES” that aired on ETV in April of 2012.

To learn more about Ronald McNair, click here >>

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