Fox News Producer Who Created Obama Attack Ad May Be Out of Two Jobs

So sometime back in May, an article was posted on Gawker that stirred up A LOT of national attention… and when I mean a lot of attention, just read the headline. In a nutshell, Fox News aired their own raw four-minute attack ad, slamming Obama’s ”Hope and Change” theme and supposed failures of his first term.

If you haven’t seen the ad, the video is here.

At the end of the video, Steve Doocy patted the staffer that created the ad by saying, ”Hats off to Chris White, one of the producers on our team. He’s been in a small editing room for the past few weeks.

The backlash has been astounding, and it was reported that Chris White has had a job offer from CNN rescinded in the aftermath of the scandal generated by the video.

There’s some talk about whether the offer came before or after the video first aired on Fox and Friends, but to me that’s just silliness. When did it become okay for a news station to create their own political ad campaigns?

Anyone who follows history knows that the blueprint for FOX came out of the Nixon administation as a GOP machine, but still… you would think that a political machine would report on actual news and events that are favorable to their side.

Lazy journalism and making up stuff as you go, you think, would hurt your cause…

While I’m bashing FOX… enjoy these awesome videos.

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There’s a part three floating around out there somewhere…

And one of my favorites…

Jon Stewart on Bill O’Reilly – Part 1
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