Business Tips: Educating Young Entrepreneurs by Cameron Herold (TED Talks)

Parents, how soon should you start teaching your kids about Entrepreneurship? Are you training them to be leaders in business or faithful employees of someone else? Listen to Cameron Herold on Educating Young Entrepreneurs.

Filmed in March of 2010 in Edmonton, Canada, this powerful TED Talk features speaker Cameron Herold on the topic of encouraging entrepreneurship in the educational system as well as at home as opposed to the current philosophy of education built around “getting a good job”.

Business Tips: Educating Young Entrepreneurs by Cameron Herold (TED Talks)

My own parents weren’t entrepreneurs and for years they’ve always struggled trying to figure out this “money thing”. It took me studying and going into my career field and losing all of it in order to look to entrepreneurship.

I was well into my late 20’s, early 30’s when this journey began, and trust me when I say that I wish I had started this journey much sooner.

Parents, listen up.

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  1. Good post. Thanks for sharing
    I always focus on showing my children how beautiful world is and how many different people with different needs and dreams are around us.
    Peace Love and Abundance to you

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