Bloomberg: Frankenstorm Hybrid – The Worst Storm in 100 Years

Hurricane Sandy, Frankenstorm Hybrid Bloomberg is calling this Frankenstorm and if forecasts are right, it will be the worst storm in 100 years to hit the Northeast United States.

This is Hurricane Sandy and if you haven’t been watching the weather she’s a hybrid that Bloomberg is calling Frankenstorm.

Why is this Frankenstorm Hybrid so dangerous?

For starters, Hurricane Sandy is a hybrid and according to the National Weather Service meteorolist Paul Kocin, it may combine with a second storm coming out of the Midwest to create a system that would rival the New England hurricane of 1938 in intensity.

Right now, the hurricane currently passing the Bahamas has killed 21 people across the Caribbean, the Associated Press reported, citing local officials.

You should definitely read more about Hurricane Sany (Frankenstorm Hybrid) – follow the link below. The impact could be devastating to say the least.

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