What’s Coming In Dark Post Profits 2.0 Preview

Dark Post Profits 2.0 Preview

A Look At What’s Coming In Dark Post Profits 2.0

Back in April of last year when Chris Record (both a friend and mentor) launched the original Dark Post Profits, I really didn’t see just how big a part of my day to day marketing it would become. Sure, there are CPA offers and traffic buying, but until version 1.0, the only really valid PPC marketing as far as workflow was Google Adwords.

People were using dark posts of course, but the information was scattered all across the Internet and you had to dig it up piece by piece. Facebook marketing was all over the place and everyone had their own “strategy” at one point or another.

What Chris did was make it all coalesce into a single cohesive workflow that anyone can use.

What Was In It?

It was originally 70 tutorial videos that covered everything starting with the basic nuts and bolts, need to know things including Facebook’s marketing guidelines.

Dark Post Profits helped a lot of people navigate through the legal tough stuff that were getting people’s accounts shut down and guidelines and made it really easy for anyone to jump into Facebook marketing.

That was just the beginning.

Through the rest of Dark Post Profits there were design tips with actual examples of hundreds of ads (both mobile and desktop) that you could model after.

You learned how to manage your dark posts (research, tracking, scaling, etc), there’s a whole section on converting ads, advanced advertising strategies like conversion pixel tracking, re-targeting and more.

Dark Post Profits didn’t leave anyone to chance it out. There’s training on how to create amazing graphics for your ads.

And it’s all broken down for you no matter what field or industry you happen to be in.

Recruiting for biz ops, building sales funnels and writing follow up emails for network marketers, direct sales for moving affiliate products.

What Were The Results?

The results were phenomenal. We had real estate agents and investors closing deals and flipping houses in the FB timeline.

We had students building massive fan pages with 10’s and even 100’s of thousands of likes and monetizing it with CPA offers.

Bottom line is that because of Dark Post Profits, entrepreneurs, small business owners, affiliate marketers, network marketers and just regular, every day people were able to create massive success applying what they learned to whatever they were doing.

Personally, I was able to add a paid service to my own business that not only got great results for my clients, but I’m able to apply what I learned to other PPC marketing programs and reduce the costs there, which is a further benefit to clients who are already paying me thousands of dollars a year to get results for them.

The ability to lower their costs in other areas on top of getting amazing results only solidified me even more as a solutions provider.

So when I think about what’s coming in Dark Post Profits 2.0?

It’s easy to see why I’m so excited and why I’m absolutely pumped up for launch week, (March 9th, 2015).

Dark Post Profits 2.0 Builds On Dark Post Profit 1.0

In case you missed it, here’s the video of Chris explaining what I’m talking about.

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