what should I blog about to make money?

What Should I Blog About To Make Money?

When I first had my break-through blogging, and especially when people found out how long I was blogging for, I would say that the most asked question I received was, “What Should I Blog About To Make Money?

My answer of course was, “blog about whatever you want to“, but as I began to build my team and bring in clients, that question never stopped being asked.

So what I’m going to do is break down the ‘what should I blog about‘ question and share some of the basic principles of blogging that apply to myself daily, and to my clients.

What Should I Blog About To Make Money?

what should I blog about to make money?

  • It’s Not About What You Write, But The VALUE In It.
      1. This is probably the most important concept that I can make. No matter what topic you write about, no matter how fancy your post is, if you’re not giving value to the person reading, then your post is worthless.

    In other words, don’t just blog to put out content. Think about the last time you went to a site and it’s nothing but the same old, re-hashed, re-worded mess. It’s just junk filling up the Internet. Make sure that when people go to your blog that they get something they can take with them, even if it’s an opinion or point of view, or some real advice.

  • Answer Frequently Asked Questions.
      1. Using my own blog post today as an example, one of the things I always strive to do is answer questions that gets asked frequently.

    What Should I Blog About To Make Money?Where do you get your content from?

      1. etc.

    Taking the time to answer frequently asked questions not only creates value, but it turns your blog into a place where people will go for information. It becomes a hub of knowledge that people will bookmark and share.

    This leads into the next point…

  • What’s Trending & What’s Searched For.
      1. The best content I’ve found to blog about is content that is already going viral, and content that people are actively searching for. Looking at trends especially is a great way to see what people care about and what they’re looking for or are interested in finding out about.

    Examples are Facebook trends, Google trends, etc.

  • Blog About Your Passions & Your Business.
      1. This would be the second biggest source of content for me, as well as for my clients.

    As I am involved in many different interests, the things that I like (for example, hobbies), are a an endless supply of content. As for my clients, they blog about their businesses and provide information that people can use (e-books, videos, etc).

    The very first concept applies 10-fold if you’re running a business. You want your customers and potential customers to consume the information you provide; you want them to look at your business as a source of information.

    When it comes to hobbies, your passions work very much the same way. There are entire communities built around almost any kind of hobby you can imagine. The advantage you have with a passion though, is that other people who share your passions can find you, and if you’re a person that offers value, they’ll keep coming to you, even including you in other things related to your content.

Think about it this way.

Information is what blogging is all about whether it’s information about a product, a service, a review, current news, trends, hobbies, business, or even sharing your experiences and education.

Experience is kind of a bonus ‘what should I blog about’ topic.

Did you know that what you know is valuable?

Think about it. When you went to school, when you learned to do something new, when you went school… experience makes the best stories.

I’ll give you an example.

I’m a double bass player. In school I learned how to read and write music and I learned how to play my instrument well, yet, most people, when they think about making money from music they want to be up on stage performing.

So? They’re always running around looking for gigs to play. But you know how I make most of my money? Education – I blog about music and sell music-related products – Affiliate products.

For example, I teach people music theory on one of my blogs and then send them to a product offer to buy sheet music, instruments and accessories. When I’m feeling in the mood, I teach people how to play the double bass through private lessons. I even wrote a book and sell that online.

The point is that teaching people to play and to read and write music and offering private lessons and writing blog posts IS valuable. What I know as a musician is valuable to someone else. I can answer questions, give pointers, offer other advice.

I can entertain with stories, make people feel better, or I can just answer their questions and give insight and the best way to do all of that? Blogging…

As you develop your skills as a marketer, finding content to blog about will never be a problem. My biggest problem is narrowing down what I’m going to blog about because there are so many things to blog about.

So now that you have a better idea what to blog about…

Have you considered, at any time, working from home and making some extra money?

Whether you’re blogging or not blogging the right way can be quite profitable when paired with the right kind of business.

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