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Success from Failure: Driving Action Forward

“Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure.” Napoleon Hill

Today’s post isn’t a very long one but I think it is an important perspective.

Tonight me and my father were visiting a friend and as we’re both interested in business (he’s invested in my projects before), he asked me about what I was doing currently and what I had planed for the rest of the year.

We sat around the table, eating going over a lot of plans when he noticed that one of the success stories I used was my mentor’s, and he asked me, “why aren’t you as successful as him yet?”

My mentor started out a year or two before I did as an entrepreneur, and it didn’t actually hit me until near the end of our conversation.

One of the things that attracted me wasn’t the success story he had, but the failure stories he had. He told of how he started out with a negative bank account, having to rely on family and more.

From Failure To Success: How Struggle Motivates Massive Action

That’s when it really hit me – he was more motivated to take massive action and create success because of all of the things he had on his plate, and all of the things he was going through.

That, and he failed many time before in different businesses.

The struggle for him was real, and as much as I tried to imagine myself in a similar situation, some things you just have to live though to understand.

If you looked at all of the “how failure leads to success” information out there in a search, they all seem to wrap up failure as some sort of tool for management or character building and the sort.

But I realized something tonight – failure leads to success by means of necessity.

When your back is against the wall, there are only three outcomes. 1. You quit. 2. You get beaten by it. 3. You succeed.

And those who push past the failure, will succeed.

Anyway, this was just me thinking aloud (sort of). What are your thoughts?

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