Managing Multiple Lists: Workflow

Hey guys, a few days ago, one of my team members asked me about how to connect aweber to their Empower Network lists.

What I did was create a quick screen capture video explaining the process (see video below), and from that, someone else asked a very good question that I wanted to answer in depth. First, the video.

Question: Dexter, when you make a separate list for each funnel, are you making your own follow up emails for each list or are you just doing that to keep track of who went onto what list? M. Taylor

My response if pretty long, but it’s well worth the read. I hope you find it useful when it comes to things like using multiples lists, as well as why and how I use them.

Just a few things you to consider.

Managing Multiple Lists: Workflow

That’s a workflow kind of question so instead of the details, let me share the thought process I go through and maybe that should help explain it.

It’s A People Business

First, I always write custom emails for all of my lists and there are a few reasons for that.

Remember that it’s a people business and the best way people connect to you is if you’re real with them and they get to know you.

This goes back to sharing your story.

When you put yourself into your follow up, it doesn’t just reinforce comfort and a sense of trust to the people on your lists now, but it will to everyone else that joins tomorrow, a week, a month…

Besides that, the “canned” emails tend to be more focused on hype and selling, and most people have a bullshit detector that goes off. I’ve rarely ever converted off of canned emails.

People Are Attracted To Your Content

Second, your business centers around your content. The people that join your list and buy your products will be attracted by your content, so when they opt in to your lists that last thing you want is a mis-match.

I’ll give you an example. I run a commercial real estate funnel because I have experience in the field marketing for CRE companies, doing development work and so on. I can relate to the CRE market and offer real value, especially as a developer.

Let’s say I target commercial real estate developers, or commercial real estate investors, they opt in to my lists and the information that comes to them is all about make money online from home by blogging. They’re going to head for the hills and my subscriber attrition will be through the roof. I wouldn’t retain anyone.

So you want that congruity; being consistent with your content, making sure what your subscribers receive in their inbox, matches what they see in the marketing or the front end.

That right there is the #1 reason why people don’t convert nearly as well as they should from their lists – lack of content congruency.

And the best way to deliver trust and remain congruent is to blog daily and email your list daily, sending them back to your blog. Remember they opted in for more information about whatever it is you are publishing, so sending them back to the “hub” of your content is literally giving them what they want.

Here’s what I do.

I will write a blog post (usually two or three), and turn each blog post into a follow up email (not a broadcast, but a follow up) so that every day, they get an email from me automatically sending them back to my blog.

Then on the blog, I have my CTA’s (Call to Actions). And with a bit of creative Bridge Marketing (more on that later), you can get some really high conversions to sales.

And again, this won’t be just for the people on your list now, but all of those that come in after down the road in the future.

You’re literally building a system that everyone goes through. And it makes it easier on you as a blogger because you don’t have to continually re-write the same thing over and over. New content is just old content new people don’t know about yet.

Which means you get to focus on developing your different skill sets, focus on building teams, growing as a leader, and so on.

New people will start off at the beginning and grow with you as you grow. New people are taken care of, those on your list for longer periods of time will continue to stay engaged and grow with you.

Make sense?

Workflow In A Tiered-Product Structure

And thirdly in a company like Empower, or any tiered-product driven company for that matter, you must think about workflow.

The products people buy have to match the information they’re after as well.

Let’s take Empower for example. Several funnels. Some are for the affiliate offer, others are for the products.

The reason why I have a list for each product is so that I can tailor the content to match. The last thing I want for example, is my Inner Circle list getting content catered for bloggers. I want the information to be catered around the education and the benefits of the Inner Circle and when I sent them back to my blog, the bridge marketing will be there in a CTA for them to buy the blog if they don’t already have it, or the other products.

What I do specifically is set the workflow so that when people opt in one list, they are automatically unsubscribed from another.

Most everyone comes in on the blog.

The focus of the blog is to teach blogging, help people become successful blogging, then take them to the Inner Circle.

Once they subscribe to the Inner Circle, they are unsubscribed from the blog list automatically.

And so on and so forth.

I actually have lists for all of the products, even though there isn’t a font end sales or capture page for them.

When someone purchases a product I congratulated them for their decision and send them to a page to opt in to the next level.

I do that so that they keep moving forward and stay engaged.

So when you think of it as a workflow issue instead of “what do you do” or “what do you say” problem it actually becomes easier. You’d be surprised how just a little shift in mindset; a bit of reframing will make a drastic change.

Final Thought

Workflow is going to be one of the most important things to consider before launching any kind of marketing campaign as well. It is as the core of your sales funnel and will make or break how successful it is.

I hope you found this useful. Please like, share and leave a comment below if you did.

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