Magnetism: You Attract Who You Are

If you were asked to make a list of your perfect job candidate, or your perfect employee, partner or associate, what you put on that list?

If you’re an entrepreneur and you’re recruiting for a business, what qualities will your perfect candidate have?

Would you know their age range, attitudes, skill set, mindset even? Do you even know who you are looking for in your business?

As it turns out, the most effective leaders are always on the look out for good people, but how do you know that the people you want are the people you get?

If you were to make a list of all of those qualities, the answer is very simple — do you possess the qualities that you are looking for?

Here’s the simple truth…

Who you get isn’t determines by what you want — it’s determined by who you are.

The Law of Magnetism

It doesn’t take a whole lot to understand the law of magnetism. I think we’ve all heard the adage birds of a feather flock together.

People are attracted to people who have similar interests and qualities and abilities. As a musician, my inner circle is filled with other musicians. In my IT business do you know who follows me there? Other IT professionals. The same goes for my marketing business — other marketers seek me out.

And that’s the first thing to know about the law of magnetism — People like you will naturally seek you out.

Knowing this, if you’re building an organization, if you naturally attract people like yourself, how would you plan it out?

First, you want to recruit or hire people to fill in your weak areas. One of mine is sales.

I’m getting better and better at being a leader, developing my leadership intuition, and I am a skilled marketer, but when I look for people to fill roles in my organization, I don’t look for other marketers or leaders, (they tend to find me anyway).

No, my effort is in finding sales people. That way they can focus on their strengths and I can focus on mine.

But getting back to the law of magnetism there are two things you should consider.

Remember back to the law of respect? People naturally follow leaders stronger than themselves.

This means that the people you naturally attract won’t be as strong as you are. In effect, your leadership ability is a cap on the lid of the strength of people you recruit into your business or organization.

This leads to the second thing. If you think the people in your business or organization can improve, then you should be the one to improve yourself.

Who you are is who you attract. Plain and simple.

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