Life Lessons I’ve Learned Thus Far On My Journey To Success

I was taught to take and inventory of my life from time to time and today, I’ve decided to do exactly that, but not by what I have materially, rather with what I’ve learned.

So here they are:

Life Lessons I’ve Learned Thus Far On My Journey To Success.

Wisdom comes one of two ways. 1. Hard Earned. 2. Easily Read. Either way, you will spend time. How you spend your time will be dependent upon which of those two options you choose.

You can spend it struggling and trying to figure things out, or you can spend it laying the foundation for your success.

A lot of people will not read and in so doing, they choose option one. They are the ones always doing, but never producing. Always busy, but always have the same problems. Forever quoting affirmations, but mentally in the same place.

And then you have those who chose option two. They are the ones who are moving forward, making thing happen, and it seems all of the things you want, happen to them.

In fact if those who choose option 1 can achieve what those in option 2 have done, they will tear them down, or blame them for all of their problems.

Is it by mistake, or just poor judgement?

You will know when you are on the path to becoming an option two person when you start:

1. Listening to what they can teach you, whether it’s reading their books, listening to their audios, watching the videos and webinars, and even attending the events.

2. Doing what they tell you to do. When you model after those who were where you are and have achieved where you want to be; when you do what the successful have done and are teaching you, your outcome will be different.

3. Teach others – in teaching not only do you become a master, but you also uphold a very important responsibility – passing on wisdom to those who will come after you.

Understand this. Those who came before you will not always be there, and knowing this, you will become one of those who came before you for those who come after you.

Pass on what you’ve learned. You write your books, record your audios, and shoot your videos. The willing will depend on you to get from where they are, to get where you are.

Those who choose option two, achieve faster because their days are not wasted. Life is expensive and every day you waste is a day lost.

A day spent learning is infinitely more valuable than a day spent working, because a day of work yields short term results. This is why people work and struggle every day of their lives and achieve little or nothing.

But a day spent learning will serve you over and over and over and over, every day for the rest of your life. It will change how you work and it will change your results.

Wisdom is both a perishable and a non-perishable fruit. If you don’t use it, it will atrophy like a muscle. If you don’t apply it, it will not work. It is perishable.

And when you pass on wisdom to others, and they apply it, it will continue to work from person to person to person to person for as long as it is passed on and applied. It is non-perishable.

And finally, if you don’t ask intelligently, without clarity or specifics, and without believing that you are able to receive it, you never will. You don’t always get what you ask for, but you will gain much along the way.

Write down your goals, be specific, be clear, and believe you are able to achieve them.

Never apologize for doing well, and don’t complain when you don’t. Accepting full responsibility for yourself is one of the highest signs of maturity.

~ Lessons I’ve Learned Thus Far On My Journey To Success by Dexter Nelson ~

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