It Sucks On Your End. Do What You Feel You Need To. Thanks

It’s amazing how quickly things can take a sudden twist for the worst.

I want to share something that I recently went through, and my hope is that whoever reads this learns from my mistakes; and even more… makes a decision and commitment to do something.

Changing my life forever is one of those choices I HAD to make. When I say “HAD to make,” I mean I was staring down the barrel of a gun, (financially speaking), and facing a very grim reality. I was two and a half months behind on everything, and about to lose everything I had ever worked for.

The sad part about it is that it’s my own fault. I had ignored the warning signs and walked right into the situation I was in – worse yet, I thought that it was someone else’s fault…

Here’s what happened.

Not too long ago, I was working on a programming project for a client. I had committed 10 weeks of my time to doing the project and from the very start; my back was put up against the wall. The client who hired me, got the deadline wrong and suddenly I was faced with having to do work that was scheduled to be done over a period of three months, in three weeks!

I should have walked away then, but I was stubborn and didn’t. I had to cancel paying jobs to meet the new deadline and over the period of 10 weeks, I had put in very long hours and even worked through the night on a few occasions.

On the last day of the project, (when it went for review), the client decided that they wanted to go in a different direction and I was left stranded, without being paid.

Have you ever woken up to realize that you’re suddenly two and half months behind on all of your bills and you had no clue where the next dollar was going to come from? If you have, then you know just how frightening it is, and how desperate you feel.

My friends will testify to receiving calls and texts from me asking them to borrow money… and to be brutally honest, it’s one of the most shameful things I’ve ever experienced.

It’s amazing how quickly things can take a sudden twist for the worst…

Just weeks earlier I was happy, working from home and helping watch my nephew and niece and now? THIS close to losing everything…

To add insult to injury, I had reached out to the client hoping to try and fix the situation – I was DESPERATE

One of them actually served a cease and desist order, and the other? You won’t believe what she said… “It sucks on your end. Do what you feel you need to. Thanks.”


At the time I was burning mad – absolutely raging mad, then something cool happened. I was telling a friend about what I was going through and mid conversation he said, “Check your PayPal.”

He caught me way off guard, (something that’s been happening a lot lately), and he paid everything that was behind. Remember in my last post I mentioned that I’ve seen the absolute worst and best in people? This was one of those moments.

I could breathe again, but my problem hadn’t gone away. I had no prospective clients and no jobs lined up. How was I going to pay my bills now?

It was then that another friend, someone who I consider a mentor, introduced me to the Empower Network. He was completely unaware of my current situation, but he knew that I had been struggling.

He also knew I was working on a side business, (just in case the one that just fell through did what it did), and he also knew that I wasn’t making money from it yet.

He told me about how he was growing his business and asked me to seriously take a look at it. Have you ever had a moment that just ignited inspiration, and let you dream big again?

As I listened and read the information from Empower Network, everything that I had learned in the past was suddenly reinforced. It earned its namesake and empowered me to take responsibility for myself and my future in a way that I never thought possible.

It gave me a way out and a common sense, no bullcrap path to begin building my future again, and my hope is that if you’re reading this, regardless of whatever situation you’re in, will be inspired by my story to make a decision and take action.

Want some more truth? Up until that point, I was a Wussy. I blamed everyone but myself, I didn’t commit whole-heartedly to anything, I looked for an easy way out, and even though I wasn’t a quitter, I didn’t take responsibility the way I should have.

Maybe you’re in a similar position, maybe you’re not; maybe you’re in exactly the same boat I was in. It doesn’t matter!

If you have a dream and a desire to see it through, then it’s on you, because no one else is going to fight for you, want it more than you, or fight harder than you to get the dream, and when hard times come, you need to be EMPOWERED to stand up and kick adversity in the teeth and keep going until you finally achieve your dreams.

That’s what the Empower Network is all about and I can honestly say, “I get it now,” like never before.

Are you a WUSSY? I hope not.

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