HOW TO Build A Massive Email List Through Blogging

If you are an entrepreneur like myself, you already know that list building is one of the most important aspects of your business, and a very time-consuming one. It can also be a big waste of time if you don’t do it right.

There is nothing worse than to find out that after spending weeks building a list, that you find out that it is non-responsive and you won’t make any money with it. From experience, I’ve been there and I feel your pain if you’re there now.

We all know how to build a list. You need to have a sales funnel in place: A good hook on a lead capture page, a video or decent sales copy, a decent front end offer and an auto-responder. That’s basic stuff.

Then you need to start driving traffic to your lead capture page and if people are interested they give you their name and number and opt in. It’s a fairly basic concept, but what if you could eliminate MOST of that work?

Humor me… What if you can start building your list RIGHT NOW instead of the days, weeks, and even months that it takes to do a product launch?

What if, instead of basically doing a crap shoot the regular way of building a list, you can be almost guaranteed that every list you build, will be a responsive list that makes you money over and over again?

Building Your List Through Blogging

For several years now, we’ve all seen and heard about making money online blogging, but it was always built around using AdSense or trying to sell an affiliate product or something else, and never really about listbuilding.

What I’ve discovered is that the most loyal subscribers – those who read my blogs and share my posts are the ones who make up the most responsive email lists, almost every time.

Think about it. With the regular way of building a list, you have to go through telling people who you are, what you do, putting together proof, and jumping through hoops to build trust so a person watching your video, or viewing your web page will follow through on a call to action, right?

Here’s some good news. You ALREADY have that in place just by blogging! People who find your posts in search engines, or click on a link on another site, or interact with you on a daily basis through social media or where ever they see you… you already have trust with those people.

Using your blog to build a list is just a natural progression in your marketing.

Instead of showing you how get a domain name, set up a blog, monetize and configure it, drive tons of traffic to it, or any of the other tedious tasks that you would have to do in order to build a list through blogging, I want to introduce you to show you what I’m doing right now, so you can do the same.

Right now I’m using a “done for you” blog system called the Empower Network.

What is the Empower Network?

The Empower Network is a powerful system that allows entrepreneurs just like you and I, to post articles, video, and other content on their blog network. When users click the high engaging ads that surround them, those leads go directly to our mailing list, which I use to promote Music Sense, (and you can use to promote your business)!

But that’s just the beginning.

Empower Network offers dozens of videos that teach entrepreneurs like us how to be more effective at marketing our businesses online, and affiliates for Empower Network, we earn 100% commissions when other  purchase these internet marketing training courses and videos.

Best of all, it’s all automated and you don’t have ANY work to do, because as I said, it’s all done for you, which means, all you have to do is drive traffic and the rest is done for you.

For more information about the Empower Network, follow this link, but first…

Let me show you how to short-cut the process from start-up to getting money in your pocket.

When you become a member of the Empower Network, I have put together, and will send you a very special training guide called Winning Blog Tactics, which is a step by step guide on how to build the very same online marketing platform that my paying clients receive.

Just one of my clients, right now is receiving more than 1,500 UNIQUE visitors and more than five thousand page views every month!

Here is the PROOF – an actual PDF export from Google Analytics, (click here).

Now we’re all used to seeing a high price being talked down to make it sound like a good deal, and there’s always some catch.

With the Empower Network there is none of. There is just one low cost for the blogging system – $25.00. No catches, no hooks, no software to buy or download, or none of the other headaches that come with list building.

Did I also mention that Empower Network is an ranked top 200 sites in the country? Check it out (click to enlarge).

How To Build A Massive Email List Through Blogging

For more information about Empower Network, click here.

Or, get started right now!

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