How Great Leaders Inspire Action In Others

How Great Leaders Inspire Action In Others

Yesterday I took a break from the norm and share some insight into people being addicted to the drama of life, business, and especially their Inner Circle and how that can affect your life and business.

But before that I was on the topic of leadership, and the fact that leadership is measured by inspiration.

After that I talked about how to build influence and leverage that influence to close more sales. You can read that article here >>

One of the points in that article talked about “the gift of gab” and the misconception that you need to know everything about everything and be able to answer every question and say the right thing in order to get more sales.

So today…

I wanted to dig deeper into that point and introduce you to Simon Sinek, as he explores how leaders can inspire cooperation, trust and change with a simple but powerful model for inspirational leadership all starting with a golden circle and the question “Why?”

Get ready to take notes, and enjoy the video!

After the video, scroll down for a bonus surprise offer that will help you gain a solid advantage in your business…

How Great Leaders Inspire Action In Others

How Great Leaders Inspire Action In Others

Hey, I hope you enjoyed that video. It is definitely one of my favorites when it comes to leadership, and one that I listen to often. Now, I said I had a special bonus offer for you and here it is…

With my focus on leadership this year, a few people have messaged me and asked me specifically about traffic strategies, and others have been asking the questions of “what to write” when they compose their emails, their ads, and so on.

So I decided to do something powerful for those that messaged me and for you, and put together a kind of a very unique “traffic pack”, (details below).

The Most Powerful Traffic Pack You’ll See This Year

What is it? As I said, I want to put something together powerful that will not just teach strategy. Strategy is great but I also wanted to put resources in your hand that you can use to make getting traffic easier.

I also want to help the average person find a source of ideas so that they’ll never have to ask about what to write, or what to say, or what to post, or any of that type of thing ever again.

So this bundle not only teaches you the strategies (many strategies), it will put tools in your hand you can use, and help you become a better marketer through mindset and ideas.

(These are all strategies and resources I personally use, and I will keep it up to date throughout the year).

  • Dark Post Profits: ($997 value) This is by far one of the most powerful paid strategies I’ve ever used. It is everything you want to know about Facebook marketing from making posts go viral, to building massive fan pages with tens and even hundreds of thousands of likes. If you want to drive MASSIVE traffic and be able to sell ANYTHING on Facebook, this one is a game changer!
  • Simple Sales Copy: ($97.00 value) From my personal software suite, this little hottie gives you thousands of headline copy, openings, bullets, closes, copy connectors, power words and a lot more. You’ll never have to ask, “what do I write?” ever again. The ideas you’ll get from this are amazing.
  • Browser Click Marketing Shortcuts: ($35.00 value) Another tool from my personal arsenal, I was looking for a way to save time marketing, and came up with a way to create browser shortcuts, so all I have to do is click and market my blog posts and web pages. It’s a nifty little time saver.
  • Online Marketing Strategy Guide: And the free traffic guide that started Winning Blog Tactics. This in-depth guide will teach you several strategies for driving free traffic from all over the web, including search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo and DMOZ (AOL).

How it works:

So that is the “traffic pack” I put together and there are literally dozens of strategies and an endless supply of ideas. Now you noticed I put the value next to them.

That is the price they sell at individually… but you’re not going to pay the full retail price!

As I said, I want to do something that will help people, especially average people just like me, who are starting out just like me. So what I’m offering the whole package for just $100 bucks.

I know that’s really cheap – in fact Dark Post Profits isn’t even my product. It is my mentors! (Yup, I’m always buying training #StudentOfMarketing).

So you’re really buying his product and I’m throwing in all of mine as a bonus. Like I said, it’s really cheap, but here’s the think.

I’m not looking at this as a loss.

It’s an investment! It’s an investment in time, allowing me to focus more on leadership so I can move forward and serve others. And it’s an investment in you.

The world needs real marketers who create success stories that inspire people and motivate people and get people to take action and change their lives. I know that might sound cheesy as all get out, but let me ask you a question…

Aren’t you tired of all of the noisy, hyped up, terrible marketing and gimmicks? Aren’t you tired of bad marketer pushing worthless crap onto people, pitching on false hope?

The whole reason I started Winning Blog Tactics was to help people become better marketers, and to me, basically giving away my personal strategies and resources for buying someone else’s training, (that’s in your best interest to get anyway) isn’t a loss…

It’s what I’m all about.

So don’t wait… Click the button below, purchase Dark Post Profits, then email a copy of your receipt to [email protected] to receive your bonuses.

How great leaders inspire action in others, traffic pack

Again guys and gals, I hope you enjoyed my post “How Great Leaders Inspire Action In Others.” I hope you found as much value in it as I have.

I appreciate you for being here. I’ll see you tomorrow!

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