How Bad Do You Want Success?

When I people my own story about how my family from having almost nothing after the house fire, living in a lean-to shack without heat, depending on neighbors, and everything else we had to go through to survive, there is almost always a surprised reaction.

They see where we live now and the lifestyle we are building and it’s hard to picture just where we were. Every time I tell the story it’s a reminder. I remember the cold nights and loading semi trucks with hay for a few bucks just so we had something to eat, and everything else.

But more than that I feel the pain and desperation as I run through it in my mind. The only thing I regret when others hear my story is that I can rarely seem to relay just what it takes to have that unstoppable desire to succeed and to do something of value in your life.

… to be at that point where you sink or swim and choose to swim hard no matter what comes until you’re standing on solid ground.

How Bad Do You Want Success?

Do you REALLY want it?

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