Generating Leads Through Blogging

Did you know that generating leads through blogging doesn’t require you to be an expert? In fact, anyone can do it. Even you! And here’s how (proof below).

Generating Leads Through Blogging

One of the main goals of Winning Blog Tactics is to teach people that you don’t need to be a guru in order to make money blogging, then provide the tools and resources so anyone can.

And whenever possible I like to show people the results.

For the new year, I posted my first blog for the year, followed my own advice when marketing it, and while I was sleeping, leads where coming in. People were signing up and my list was growing.

(Here’s a screenshot from my gmail account).

generating leads through blogging

Generating leads through blogging simply works…

But how does that help you?

Like I said, you don’t need to be a guru or anything like that; anyone can do this no matter who you are, where you’re from, how much money you have… In fact, to generate leads through blogging there are really only three things you need.

  • Something of value to offer; something that someone wants or needs.
  • Of course, a blog to send them to, with a call to action.
  • An auto-responder.

I know it sounds over simplistic; the truth is however, that it is one of the most successful models for making money online.

1. You Need Something Of Value

So the idea is, you need something of value to offer whether it’s information or a product or a service or whatever it is. If you look at what I offer on this site I offer a variety of things.

There is information (both .pdf files as well as blog posts themselves), I offer software (tools that I create) and I offer both products and services; and it doesn’t have to be about making money online!

All of my businesses have blogs. My music site has a blog, my IT site has a blog, my clients have blogs and they’re in completely different markets like real estate, car sales, rent to own and healthcare and weight loss.

As long as it’s something someone wants or needs (has value to them), that is the first thing you need.

2. You Need A Blog

Secondly, what you need is a blog. When we get into traffic strategies, whichever you choose to apply, you’ll quickly find out that you need a place to send that traffic.

Well? You send them back to your blog. That’s what it’s there for.

If you run paid ads, when people click on the ad they should go to your blog. If you use direct email, when people click that link, they should go to your blog. If you make a post on Facebook and people click, it should go to your blog.

So, why your blog?

The honest answer? It’s the best free traffic generating tool in the online marketing world.

Search engines love blogs that are constantly updated, they’re easy to use, they allow people to interact with you, you can use it build your list, sell products and even create multiple streams of income (which is something that we’ll get into later).

Plus, they are a huge time saver! Can you imagine, there are some people that will spend all day building a web page, when all they need is a few minutes to make a new post?

I used to be one of those guys. With a blog though, you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. You just write a blog post and market it.

3. You Need An Auto-Responder

And the final thing you need is an auto-responder. This is where the magic happens.

You have something of value, you wrote a blog post… now you need something to be able to gather names, numbers, and email addresses – this is where the auto-responder kicks in.

It will allow you to follow up with people automatically via email. It’s one of the most powerful list building tools available. It will let you collect information and follow up with everyone automatically.

4. You Need A Call To Action

This one is part of your blog and all it is, is simply an invitation or instruction telling the person what to do next to get more information. Most people will read your blog post and never take action for one simple reason…

You didn’t tell them what to do next!

That is what a call to action is for.

So now that you know what you actually need, this is where your training actually begins on what to do, where to go, how to organize a blog, what to write about, and much, much more.

Here’s what you need to do next…

Now that we’ve covered some of the basics, it’s time that you learn how to put everything together to work for you so that you can start generating leads through blogging.

Enter your email address in the form below, and you will be taken to a free video that will explain in depth everything I’ve mentioned here, and more.

Be prepared to take notes!

Over the next few days, I’m going to break down each part separately for you and help you put it together, and for those that take action, step up and become a part of my team, I’m going to work with you personally to make sure that you are all set up and ready to go.

… but in the meanwhile, this video will help you get started right now, so scroll down and click the button below to watch that video.

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