Are You Addicted To The Drama?

Are You Addicted To The Drama?

2015 has quickly become a year of leadership for me and with that comes a lot of change, and one of the biggest areas of change is controlling my inner circle – deciding who has access to my head space and who I allow to influence me in different aspects of my life.

And as I approach the end of this first work week of the year I wanted to change the pace a little bit and reflect on something that I’ve begun noticing around me – people addicted to the drama of life and business and everything else.

Who you take advice from on different things is very important. Who you let influence you and who you model yourself after is also very, very important.

For example, you wouldn’t ask a broke person who’s struggling financially how to become wealthy. You wouldn’t go to a person who’s always fighting and ask for advice on creating peace. And you definitely wouldn’t go to someone who’s perpetually in shallow, broken relationships how to have a good marriage.

And if you want to become a leader and develop leadership skill and ability, and build influence…

The video below is mostly me just thinking aloud on camera. I only decided to record it at the last minute so it’s not really planned out or well organized either, but it is food for thought I hope you consider.

Are You Addicted To The Drama?

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