21 Inner Circle Audios That Will Transform Your Business

21 inner circle audios that will transform your business

Ever wondered what “the secret” really is to success in your business? It’s not some strategy, it’s not any revolutionary traffic software, it’s not some new, shiny, state-of-the-art whatever

The secret is education –

    the right education

from leaders who already have the right mindset, experience, and the success you are trying to achieve.

Think about it…

Who’s advice are you following about making money and getting rich?

Are they millionaires and living the life of their dreams? And if they aren’t there yet, are they creating results in their business that will get them there? … If not, then the only thing you can learn from them, is how to be where they are, probably no better off than you.

21 Inner Circle Audios That Will Transform Your Business

You know – a lot of people still don’t get why so many people in Empower are having success, or why we’re churning out experienced marketers that give everyone else a run for their money…

Here’s a taste of what we’re learning, and what you can have access to. This is my list of 21 Must Listen To Inner Circle Audios – believe me when I say that this is the tip of the iceberg.

  1. Influence and Inspire People To Buy Your Products, Join Your Businesses And Love You For It
  2. How To Close 95% Of Prospects Into Your Business
  3. Hypnotic Selling Secrets
  4. Down and Dirty Marketing Secrets
  5. Jon Mroz, How to be a ‘Sponsoring Machine’
  6. David Sharpe – Killer Copy Writing Secrets
  7. David Sharpe – How To Escape The Newbie Zone
  8. Closing Like Clockwork with David Sharpe
  9. Mastering the Funnel with Dave & Dave
  10. Secrets of Up-selling New Customers (with Steve Lauri)
  11. Offline Advertising Secrets, and HOW To Use Systems (Chuck Marshall Interview)
  12. The Power Of High Touch Marketing (With Thed Sims)
  13. How To Close 85% of Your Prospects, and COMMAND them to Join Your Team (with Dwayne Pyle)
  14. The Craft Of Creative Marketing (with Ryan Hartman)
  15. How To Massively Scale Your Marketing (With Chris Campbell)
  16. Leveraging the POWER of a contest (with David Wood and David Sharpe)
  17. How to Multiply Your Commissions, and Create Resources from Thin Air (with David Wood and David Sharpe)
  18. The 5 Step Formula To Creating ‘Spontaneous Sales Magic’ (with David Wood)
  19. The 4-Step “Power” Formula To Design and Create Results Fast
  20. How To Turn Tragedy in to Triumph (with Kevin and Melissa Knecht)
  21. Expecting Leadership – Tony Rush’s Formula To Lift Up Your Team

If you wanted marketing training, you won’t find a better place, or more leaders to learn from – multiple 5 and 6 figure earners – so many in fact, we have trouble finding which success stories – a far cry from everyone else who has the same one or two people all the time.

This is where you want to be.

Follow the link below, watch the video, than after the countdown stops, click on the buy button and get started for just $25.00. It’s a small investment that could pay dividends for the rest of your life.

Come join us today!

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